Garages aren’t just for storing cars, trucks, and equipment — they play a large role in the aesthetic presence of your home as a whole. The team at TNT Carpentry LTD. is committed to building garages of the highest quality to complement your home.

Foundations: Given the type of equipment that they house, garages need something strong to stand on. We’ll build a foundation to support anything that you might need. We offer engineered floating slabs or 4 foot frost wall on footings.

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Framing: Building a frame should be a careful, deliberate process that is done with the whole structure in mind. Our team will ensure that the utmost attention to detail is maintained.

TNT Carpentry Limited house foundation

Roofing: Your garage’s roof is important to ensuring that everything inside it remains protected. With us, you’ll get a roof that combines durability and longevity.

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Exterior Finishing: Whether you want your garage to integrate seamlessly with your house, or stick out as an independent entity, we’ll be sure to help you fulfill your vision.

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Insulation & Vapour Barrier: Keeping your garage the right temperature is vital to ensuring that everything inside remains in good working order. Our insulation and vapour barrier solutions do just that.

TNT Carpentry Limited garage insulation

High Efficiency Options: TNT Carpentry LTD. is proud to work with a number of different vendors that offer high-efficiency options for your garage. Contact us to find out more!

TNT Carpentry Limited renovated garage

Interior Finishing: It might not have the “first impression” that exterior finishing does, but interior finishing has a large impact on your home’s look. We’ll ensure that it exemplifies dignity and class.

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