TNT Carpentry LTD. is committed to building new homes of the highest quality. Our vast experience, commitment to professionalism, and versatility are ultimately what set us apart from the competition.

General Contracting: Juggling all of the moving parts to a project can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! From start to finish, TNT Carpentry LTD. will ensure that everything is completed in a timely manner — and with the utmost quality.

TNT Carpentry Limited men roofing house

Foundations: Regardless of what your home looks like above ground, we’ll work to ensure that it’s built on a strong, robust foundation specializing in insulated concrete forms (ICF) foundations with or without walkout entrances ensuring that all building code requirements are surpassed.

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Framing: Building codes have minimum standards, and our team builds solid structures, ensuring all Alberta building code standards are met and surpassed.Building a frame should be a careful, deliberate process that is done with the whole structure in mind. Our team will ensure that the utmost attention to detail is maintained.

TNT Carpentry Limited house foundation

Roofing: Making sure that you’re under a roof isn’t just about comfort — it has a lot to do with safety, too. Our roofs ensure both.

TNT Carpentry Limited house foundation

Exterior Finishing: The first thing that people see when they come to your home is the outside. With TNT Carpentry, the outside of your home will be the envy of the block.

TNT Carpentry Limited finished house

Basement & Garage Slabs: Placed and finished with expert precision, to stand up to your needs, with trench or drain options to suit. We’ll pour a slab for your garage or basement, ensuring that it has a strong base of concrete to stand on.

TNT Carpentry Limited concrete slabs

Insulation & Vapour Barrier: It’s important to keep your home’s temperature and moisture properly controlled. We can install insulation and vapour barriers to ensure that it remains supremely comfortable. With extra insulation and higher R-value packages available.

TNT Carpentry Limited house insulation

Kitchen Design & Installation: Often times, the kitchen is the centerpiece of the home. We’ll work with you to make the kitchen of your dreams come to life. We offer new homes and renovation packages.

TNT Carpentry Limited finished dining room

Interior Finishing: It might not have the “first impression” that exterior finishing does, but interior finishing has a large impact on your home’s look. We’ll ensure that it exemplifies dignity and class.

TNT Carpentry Limited finished garage

Dry Walling: We use only the best brands of drywall, and are here to ensure that it’s in place to last for years to come.

TNT Carpentry Limited interior and exterior slabs

Doors & Trim: Doors & trim serve an important function within your home — both cosmetically and functionally. We’ll work to install doors that match your preferences and integrate seamlessly with the rest of your home.

TNT Carpentry Limited finished home exterior door

Custom Tiling for Floors/Walls/Showers: A custom tile floor, wall, or shower is an excellent way to spice up the look of your home. We can install a number of different varieties of tiles to suit your tastes.

TNT Carpentry Limited interior bathroom construction

Flooring: Your floors should combine style and function. We have an extensive variety of flooring for you to choose from to give your home an excellent look.

TNT Carpentry Limited finished wood floor

Entire Home Packages: Want to minimize the number of custom components by simply selecting a package? No problem! At TNT Carpentry LTD., we have full home packages that cover all of your needs.

TNT Carpentry Limited finished home exterior

Exterior Concrete Work: Doing extra to ensure the concrete will with stand the test of time but also prevent any frost heaving and movement to stand up to Alberta’s harshest climate. We have vast experience working with a number of different concrete components. No matter what it is, we’ll be able to help

TNT Carpentry Limited outside concrete work

Custom Decks: A custom deck is a fitting addition to your home. We’ll design and build a deck that fits your house and that you can be proud of.

TNT Carpentry Limited finished deck

Complete Bathrooms: Our team can handle all of the construction and detailing for your bathroom, giving your home the dignity that it deserves. We offer new construction as well as renovations to existing bathrooms.

TNT Carpentry Limited finished bathroom

Maintenance-Free Railings: We offer railings made from a number of different materials built to ensure quality and longevity.

TNT Carpentry Limited finished railings

High Efficiency Options: TNT Carpentry LTD. is proud to work with a number of different vendors that offer high-efficiency options. Want to learn more? Ask us — we’ll be happy to help!

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Interior & Exterior Renovations: Looking to renovate your home fully? Our team will ensure that your full renovation results in a vastly improved building — inside and out.

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Additions: Looking to add on or give a modern face lift to part or all of your home.

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