We don’t just build Homes and Garages; we are also committed to building shops for businesses’ throughout the area. We are committed to buildings the shops from foundation to roofing with the utmost professionalism.

General Contracting: Constructing a building can be a complex, multi-faceted process. But with our general contracting services, you’ll be able to focus on your business while we take care of the building process.

TNT Carpentry Limited construction worker

Foundations: Just as any good business stands on solid financial and operational bases, we’ll work to ensure that it’s built on a strong, robust foundation.

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Framing: Creating a frame for your business is much like framing your business goals — it needs to be done deliberately and with clarity. Our frames will provide the base for your business to be built around.

TNT Carpentry Limited finished business exteriors

Roofing: Keeping your business safe from the elements requires a strong roof. Our professionals will ensure that you and your employees are protected.

TNT Carpentry Limited roofing construction

Exterior Finishing: While the looks of your building don’t generally get you the sale, they can determine what kind of impression you present. We’ll make sure that your business’ exterior demonstrates your professionalism.

TNT Carpentry Limited finished business exteriors

Insulation & Vapour Barrier: It’s important to keep the temperature and moisture properly controlled — both for the comfort of employees and customers. We can install insulation and vapour barriers to be sure of this.

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High Efficiency Options: TNT Carpentry LTD. has a number of different high-efficiency solutions to make your business supremely functional.

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Interior Finishing: Much like exterior finishing, interior finishing goes a long way in terms of projecting professionalism to your customers. We’ll make sure that they remain impressed once they walk in the door.

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Metal Cladding Indoors & Outdoors: Metal cladding will help to make your building more durable and secure — both internally and externally.

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Commercial-grade Man & Overhead Doors & Hardware: The types of doors that commercial buildings require can differ greatly from homes. Thankfully, we’re equipped to install commercial-grade doors — both overhead and conventional.

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Commercial-grade Private Shops & Packages: Want a building that has all of the components designed to integrate seamlessly? Our private shops & packages are an excellent choice for those who are looking to simplify the process.

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Interior Slabs & Aprons: Our interior slabs and aprons help to balance the transitions between multiple components of your building.

TNT Carpentry Limited outside concrete slabs
Eager to get started? Call TNT Carpentry LTD. today at 780-712-7124. We look forward to hearing from you!